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Azio began with two friends who wanted to tackle the challenge of merging creative design with tech. They started with common but overlooked workspace tools while asking the question, "Can we do more?" This led them to the keyboard and mouse - critical components of any workspace. By exploring combinations of distinguished design and unconventional materials, Azio created a line of creative tools unlike any other, all with the intent of inspiring the user.

Design Inspiration
Inspired by the classic typewriter and integrated with innovative features, the Azio Retro Series is the ideal amalgam of past, present, and future. Wanting to create a unique user experience, every detail in all our products are intentional. Starting with the keys, we wanted something that immediately triggered an emotional response. After many mock-ups and iterations, we went with round “typewriter” keycaps to evoke a sense of nostalgia. Our next goal was to improve the cold plastic surface of typical keyboards. After several months of planning and testing, we decided on using genuine leather & walnut wood. This is to give the user a sense that they are truly using a one of a kind keyboard, setting them apart. We also wanted our Retro line to be durable and functional, which is why we used a robust alloy frame with modern features so that our products would stand the test of time. By combining genuine materials and innovative technology in a classic form, a new modern line of creative tools are introduced.

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